Bad Credit Mortgages in Ontario

Need Help with your Bad Credit Mortgage?

Our Team Can Help Find the Right Solution to Your Bad Credit Mortgage Situation!

We Help Client’s with Bad Credit Mortgage Approvals. If you are you looking to Purchase or Refinance yo but have Bad Credit, you don’t need to worry, we won’t let Bad Credit get in your way!

Our Team has helped many Home Owners with Bad Credit get their Mortgage Approved and Helped Renters convert their Monthly Rent Payments into Monthly Mortgage Payments.

Bankruptcy? Consumer Proposal? Collections? Missed Payments? Divorce?
No Problem, we can Help get your Bad Credit Mortgage Approved!

“Even if you have Bad Credit, Our Team can help you get Approved for a Mortgage even with a 15% Down Payment. That means you’ll be able to stop throwing your hard earned Money on Rent and Build Equity and Wealth of your own!”

 Let us help you in obtaining a Bad Credit Mortgage Approval that will help you with fixing and repairing your credit.

Getting Financing when you have Bad Credit can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact us to Help get your Bad Credit Mortgage Approved even if you have Bad Credit. We have experience in solving Tough Mortgage Deals.

Your Credit Score and report are critical part in your Mortgage Approval. Having Poor or Bad Credit score and Inaccurate Reporting in your Credit, can cause you to have difficulties in obtaining a favourable rate on your Mortgage or even being approved for a Mortgage.

Your Credit Score needs some time to heal and repair, our team has the Experience and Knowledge to correctly guide you in getting you the long term results you are looking for.

We have Lenders who can act as a stepping stone or a bridge for a short period of time while we address and fix any or all issues with your Credit Score and reporting.

How much of a Down Payment do I need If I have Bad Credit when Purchasing a Home?
When Purchasing a Home with Bad Credit, the Minimum amount of Down Payment you will require is 15%. However, you may require More than a Down Payment 25% if you have Really Bad Credit.

Is there any way I can get Approved for a Mortgage if I put Down a Larger Down Payment?
Yes, we have Special Lending options available if you are able to put Down Payment of 25% to 35% or More where your Credit Score will not play a Major Role in your Mortgage Approval.

How Can I end up with Bad Credit?
There are many reasons why you may end up with Bad Credit including;

*Consumer Proposal
*Unpaid Bills
*Late Payments
*Missed Payments
*Unpaid Accounts or Bills with Telus, Rogers, Bell
*Loss of Job
*Over spending
*Financial Loss in a Business or Personal
*Bad Investments
*Being Scammed
*Identity Theft
*Health Issues
*Personal or Work place injury
*Legal Matters or Disputes
*Death in the family
And multiple other reasons and situation which can lead to resulting in Bad Credit.

What General Tips can I take on my own to improve my Credit Score?
Bad Credit doesn’t have to be permanent, it should only be a temporary situation. Let us Help you with establishing the right plan so you can take the right actions to start fix and repair your credit. The best part is we can show you how!

But here are some General Tips that can Help Improve your Credit Score.

Pay your bills on time and in full and avoid paying the Minimum Payments only. Paying your bills on time is one of the proven methods to help improve your Credit Score Rating. As long as you are making Payments on Time, you will begin to see a raise in your Credit Score. Although you really only need to make the minimum payment to maintain your credit score, it is in your best interest to pay off the entire balance every month so you can help boost your Credit Score so you can see an actual change.

Not Missing or being Late on any Payments will Help with Improving your Credit Score Rating. Do not try to miss Payments, especially more than 2 Payments in a Row. Missing 2 Payments of More will drop your Credit Score faster than it can be Fixed and Repaired.

Keep your Credit Utilization ratio down as much as possible. Credit Utilization is referred to the amount of credit you’re currently using compared to the amount you have available. For example, your Credit Card Limit is $5,000 by using and keeping a balance of $2,500 will give you a Credit Utilization of 50%. To improve your Credit Score, try to keep a low ratio and not use all the Credit available to you. By keeping your Credit Utilization around 30-50% of your Credit Limit, you will help improve your Credit Score Rating and you will begin to see a raise in your Credit Score.

How often should I review my Credit Report?
It is important to review you credit sore and report every 6 months or at least 1 time per year to make sure your credit is reporting properly. Things such as missed payments, collections, consumer proposals, bankruptcy will effect your Credit Score and it is important to make sure anything that shows on your Credit Report shows up accurately.

How often is my Equifax Report updated?
Generally your Equifax is updated once a month or every 30 Days for creditors to report any new information (missed payments) to Canadian Credit Bureaus such as Equifax.

We have helped many clients move forward and leave their Bad Credit Problems in the past, while helping get their finances back on track and their Mortgage Approved.

If you want to Leave your Bad Credit situation in the past, Contact us today to arrange a free consultation and credit assessment today.

My Team and I have over 50 Years of Experience in Approving Mortgages and we are able to help turn things around for you even if the Bank had declined you due to issues with your Credit. My Team and I can help you get you Approved, whether you are Purchasing or Refinancing, we have many options available for you.